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Effective protection through external security expertise

Security without compromise with Managed WAF – The ultimate protection for your web applications.


Managed WAF is essential for companies with limited internal resources that require real-time monitoring, regular updates, adjustments, minimisation of security risks and cost optimisation for the effective protection of their web applications, as well as external security expertise.

External security expertise and services

Our Managed WAF service ensures that your web applications are optimally protected. We monitor and manage a specialised firewall that monitors data traffic, detects malicious activity, and blocks it. This proactive line of defence minimises potential risks and closes security gaps to ensure the security of your web applications.

Basic service

The web application firewall monitors and filters requests to your web applications. It blocks the main access point for hackers, protects your applications and sensitive data from attacks, including the OWASP Top 10.



Proactive protection

Our Managed WAF service provides companies with proactive protection against web application attacks. The specialised firewall continuously monitors data traffic, detects malicious activity, and blocks it before it can cause any damage.

Expert management

Expert management: The service offers the expertise of external security specialists who manage and optimise the firewall. Companies benefit from continuous monitoring, updates, and adjustments to keep pace with changing threats.

Risk minimisation

Managed WAF helps to minimise potential security risks and vulnerabilities in web applications. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of the firewall creates an effective protection mechanism that significantly reduces the risk of attacks.

Simple, secure access

As a reverse proxy for the HTTPS and HTTP protocols, the web application firewall provides simple and secure access from the Internet to your web applications.

User friendliness

The user or customer can conveniently access all protected web applications via a single portal.

Protection of sensitive data

The Web Application Firewall Service accepts all requests from the Internet on behalf of the user. It, therefore, offers effective protection against attacks, such as the OWASP Top 10 risks.

Uniform protection mechanisms

The Web Application Service offers uniform and comprehensive protection for all web applications.

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